Do not play Russian roulette with cigarettes

We all know someone who smokes heavily and is always saying that they have a friend whose grandfather died of natural causes at the age of 90 and his lungs had no signs of cancer at all. We have also heard people say that only those with a genetic predisposition to getting lung cancer are going to be affected by cigarette smoke.

The problem with this argument is that it has no validity at all. There is no proof that only people with a history of cancer in their families are going to end up getting this disease. The thing is that you are most likely to get cancer if you don’t take care of your body and cigarette smoking will very likely give you cancer if you have are predisposed to it, but even if you are not, you would still be playing a very dangerous game of chance.

The risk is huge

This is the reason why the title or the article talks about the Russian roulette. This is a very dangerous game that involves two or more people placing one bullet inside the barrel of a gun and then taking turns to see which one gets to be the unfortunate one to land on the chamber that has the bullet. When you become addicted to cigarettes, you are basically playing that exact game, but you are playing against your odds to get lung cancer and a number of other conditions that are caused by cigarettes.

You have probably seen the variety of warning labels that come in all cigarettes and this should be more than enough of a reason for you to know that this danger is very much real and you are playing with your health with every single day you spend smoking cigarettes. This is an addiction that kills hundreds of thousands of people every single year and the number of deaths is not showing any signs of decline in smokers.

Why wait until you get a health scare?

A large number of smokers end up quitting up until they get a serious health scare. In some cases this can be heart related and others start showing signs of emphysema when they finally decide to quit, but in many cases, the damage is done and it’s irreversible. Some people have been able to clean up their lungs, but it takes years to do this and the chances of permanent damage are huge.

You should consider quitting when you are still able to do it with full health. Imagine working hard to achieve all of your goals in life only to end up getting seriously ill because of disease that is caused by smoking. What good would all that effort be if you ended up in such a terrible position? Life is too short for you to end up having to waste your time in doctors’ appointments and painful treatments.

Is it worth taking the chance?

Ask yourself if you feel it would be worth taking your chances to find out if you should quit or continue to smoke cigarettes. There is nothing more difficult in life than ending up in a terrible situation due to mistakes that you could have avoided. Too many things are at stake when you decide to continue to poison your body with cigarettes.

Why not quit smoking now and avoid so many possible scenarios that do not end well for you? You are the only one who has the power to accomplish this and that decision could end up being the most important one that you make your whole life.