How to use exercise to stop smoking

There is quite a number of people out there who are unable to get rid of the terrible habit of smoking and this is the main cause for a large number of diseases and conditions that are extremely dangerous and could cause for a very negative chance in your life. In this article, we are going to give you a great option that works very well when you feel like you are craving a cigarette.

The first thing we recommend is that you decide to quit smoking on a weekend. Start on Friday and take the whole weekend off if you can. If you must go to work on Saturday morning, you can still pull this off.

The idea here is that you will perform a number of exercises every time you feel like your cravings are getting difficult to handle. You will have to do a minute of jumping jacks or a minute of pushups, perhaps a minute of jump rope. The important thing is that you get plenty of exercise and you get your heart racing. This is going to allow you to get the kind of results you want.

The way this works is by making your body so feel winded and the last thing you want when you feel winded is to smoke a cigarette. The heaviest concentration of nicotine is going to clear in about 49 to 72 hours depending on how many cigarettes you smoked a few days earlier. This is going to be the most difficult period and then you will be able to handle the cravings a little easier.

Try to schedule two days full of activities

The best way to be able to endure those first 48 hours is to schedule a couple of days full of outdoor activities. Maybe you can start the day with a nice hike and end that first day going on a bike run with some friends or playing soccer or basketball. The idea is for you to stay as active as possible for the rest of the day and this is going to allow you to get the very best results.

Do you have to be at an office all day long?

Your lifestyle and your daily routine will determine a lot of things about the process of getting rid of this habit. If you are the kind of person who wears a suit and tie every day for work, you can’t use exercise to stop your cigarette cravings while you are at work, but you can do something else while you are at work. You can spend your breaks at the office and this way you will not be able to smoke a cigarette at all.


Never forget that nothing matters more in your life than your health and by stopping the dangerous habit of cigarette smoking, you will be able to live longer and healthier. This is going to give you the opportunity to make your life much better in every possible way. You will be able to enjoy physical activity for longer periods of time and you will also stop smelling like cigarette smoke, which is extremely unpleasant for those who don’t smoke.

It’s important to keep in mind that you also need to exercise a good level of willpower and self-restraint if you want to be able to successfully quit smoking. There will be plenty of situations that will make it impossible for you to be doing pushups or jumping jacks. Those are the times when you need to be able to show as much restrain as you possibly can.