Get rid of cigarette addiction as soon as possible

We know that the world addiction sounds very strong and you might feel that this is something that you consider to be a proper label for a drug addict and not for a decent person such as yourself. The problem is that you have a misconception of what this word means and that is the main reason why you consider this to be a bad word, but when you become someone who smokes cigarettes and you feel the need to smoke on a daily basis, you have become a nicotine addict and this is something that can take a terrible toll on your general health.

Cigarettes kill and it has been proven several times

There is no way around the fact that cigarettes kill people because of all the chemicals they have. This is so certain that the companies selling cigarettes are forced to start placing huge labels on the cigarettes reminding people of the fact that they can get lung cancer amongst other conditions.

People seem to have grown used to these warning labels and they even read them anymore. This is not the kind of thing that you want to get used to reading. Your life is at stake and you need to wake up and remember that you could end up in serious pain and having to spend a fortune on medical bills because you end up extremely ill due to smoking.

We tend to think that anything that is legal is not going to be so harmful to us anyways and we pretend it will be ok. We all know how many people die due to drunk driving and how many cases of domestic violence seem to be related to alcoholism. Still, we see how alcohol is sold all over the world without any restraint for adults to consume as they wish. The point is that we should be aware of how damaging some of the things that are legal can really be for our health and for the health of those around us.

Cigarettes affect anyone near you

If you have children or if you people in your life that you love and care about, you should know that cigarette smoke affects them nearly as much as it affects you. There is proof that people have ended up with lung cancer because of secondary smoking and they never tried a single cigarette in their entire lives. This should be another compelling reason that gives you the required push to stop smoking.

Smoking turns you into an outcast

Have you noticed how many places have started to ban smoking from their establishments completely? And how many places that still allow smoking are going to force you to go to a specific area that has been assigned for people who smoke. This is happening because people who do not smoke are complaining about smokers not having the right to pollute the air that other people breathe.

Smokers are becoming a minority and those who do not smoke are not interested in having the around when they are smoking. You need to quit smoking as soon as possible unless you want to be treated like you have some sort of contagious disease, but in all fairness, when you smoke, you are indeed contagious because the air you exhale when you smoke is poisonous and it kills people.


The biggest problem with smoking is that you are not only hurting yourself, but you are also putting other lives at risk when you smoke. It’s also an addiction that has nothing positive to give you at all.